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We organize our Product Encyclopedia by "K level", Medicare's system for defining different amputee activity levels. Products get assigned to a specific K level based upon their reimbursement code(s). 

All coding information in the Amp'd Product Encyclopedia is taken directly from information publicly available on each manufacturer's website. If a manufacturer does not publicly suggest coding for some/all of its products, then we do not list those products in the Amp'd Product Encyclopedia. 

The "Average Medicare Allowable" is the average fee assigned by Medicare to the code(s) suggested by the manufacturer for the product. We calculated the average by taking the 2017 fees for all 50 U.S. states for each code and dividing that total by 50. Some manufacturers suggest using a "Not Otherwise Classified" code (L5999), which has no specific fee attached to it. Where the manufacturer suggests a MSRP for an L5999 code, we include it as part of the Average Medicare Allowable.

Please note that the Average Medicare Allowable is for guidance only. Every insurance company/government payor has its own fee schedule, many of which vary from Medicare's. You should not rely on the Average Medicare Allowable as proof of the value of a claim submitted on your behalf. Rather, we include it here to provide a general model of potential charges submitted on your behalf.

If you are a manufacturer and would like your products listed here, please forward the coding suggestions for your products to We will work to add them to the Product Encyclopedia as soon as possible. 

The Amp'd  Product Encyclopedia: K1 or Higher Knees

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